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How to Improve Koalas' Survival


Local Indigenous plant species provide habitat for local fauna, including koalas.

Plant indigenous trees which will provide food and shelter for koalas and other wildlife, it will HELP TO ENSURE THEIR SURVIVAL.  

Koalas on Mornington Peninsula feed on the following:

  • Coastal Manna Gum E. pryoriana
  • Manna or Ribbon Gum E. viminalis
  • Messmate E. obliqua
  • Narrow Leaf Peppermint E. radiata
  • Swamp Gum E. ovata

It is important to plant not only trees but also other shrubs & grasses which will bring the insectivorous birds and other native animals back to assist with insect control - and balanced environment in which koalas can survive.

Refer to the Indigenous Nurseries Section for more information on what plants to buy and where to buy them.


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